What is your care of cylinder liner?

1:High burn resistance


2:High corrosion resistance
3:Low self-friction with the piston ring


4:Low lubricating oil consumption

Friction, corrosion and abrasion are most questions you are care of when you are looking for a supplier.


Its hard to say which production technology is the best, different technology suit for different requirments.


Chrome coating can improve cylinder liner corrosion, but chrome is polluting the environment and cost high


The material also can improve cylinder liner hardness and corrosion, Steel material cylinder liner is harder than cast iron one, which can improve corrosion and abrasion from the source.


Liquid Nitriding and High-frequency quenching technology also are good ways to improve the liner corrosion and abrasion ability.


Expect the liner coating technology the production machines are also much important during production.

Post time: May-11-2023
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