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  • what is Lap joint of piston ring
    We use Caterpillar C15/3406 engine piston ring 1W8922 OR (1777496/1343761)/1765749/1899771 to be a sample to explain In an internal combustion engine, piston rings are essential components that help seal the combus...
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  • What material and technology used in Dies...
    1:The of piston material and technology  depended  on a variety of  engine type, application conditions, and cost considerations. Piston material include :Cast aluminum,Forged aluminum,Steel and Ceramic. Cast aluminum...
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  • What is your care of cylinder liner?
    1:High burn resistance   2:High corrosion resistance 3:Low self-friction with the piston ring   4:Low lubricating oil consumption Friction, corrosion and abrasion are most questions you are care of when you ...
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  • Bobcat sweeper machine repairing
    Bobcat sweeper machine use Perkins engine, we are repairied and delivered to customer All parts are only use original spare parts to keep the machine best work situation
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  • How to save money and get good quality cy...
    If you care about your CAT/cummins or Perkins engine cylinder liner quality, but at the same time you have to pay attention to the budget, we recommend our Optimized quality of war resistance, wear reduction, anti-bit...
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