Today we’re going to talk about engine filters

According to incomplete statistics, the engine due to poor maintenance caused by a failure rate of 50% of the total failure rate.

The most common sentence from our customers in our daily life is: How Much is the lowest price of your filter? Can you sell it to us at 50% off? We buy filter from other places much cheaper than you and so on….

But what we’re missing is that the seller is always trying to make money, and he can’t sell you the filter at a loss price, so can he sell you the same product for $10 and $7

Let’s talk about the oil filter

The oil filter element is used to filter the impurities in the engine oil, so that the impurities such as iron filings produced in the long-running process of the engine do not enter into the cylinder body of the engine, thus ensuring the engine has a good operating environment and good heat dissipation function, but in the life, many people blindly pursue the price to neglect the quality, thus shortened the engine actual maintenance time.

First of all, we need to consider the filter materials used, such as Oslon, HV and other brands of paper can better play a filtering role,

filter paper

another important point is the production equipment, filter can be made without any equipment, but pure hand-made or made with equipment, which product quality is more stable?

filter machine


Let see air filter, oil filter


Post time: Jun-13-2023
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