The engine failure analysis

1: the battery

Check the electrolytic liquid level, if you need to make up the electrolyte
For battery charging
Or replace the battery

2:The main switch

shut the main switch

3:A semi-automatic insurance tube release of junction box

Press the button on the insurance, to reset the insurance.

4:Key switch failure
Change the key switch

5:Poor contact line open circuit
Rule out any open circuit, fault check the joint presence of poor contact oxidation,  cleani it if necessar.

6:Starter relay failure
Change the starter relay

7:There is water in the engine
Please contact maintenance personnel, don’t start the engine.

8:Lubricating oil temperature is low

Install the oil sump oil heater

9:Using the wrong lubricants
Replace lubricating oil and oil filter, please use the correct type of lubricating oil



Post time: Dec-13-2019
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