Safety class | compressed air, pressurized water, hydraulic pressure, the right way to asbestos harm, and so on and so forth

1:Compressed air and/or pressurized water can blow out the debris and/or hot water.Such behavior may result in personal injury.
Using compressed air and/or pressure water cleaning, please wear protective clothing, protective shoes and eye protection.Gear including eye goggles and protective mask.
Used to clean up the most atmospheric pressure must be less than 205 kPa (30 psi).
Used to clean the biggest pressure must be less than 275 kPa (40 psi).

2:The liquid penetration

ven if the engine has been stalled for a long time, may still stranded pressure of the hydraulic circuit.If not properly release the pressure, can lead to hydraulic oil pipe plug or objects, such as high speed injection.
Before release pressure, do not remove any hydraulic parts, otherwise it will cause personal injury.
Before the release of pressure, do not disassemble any hydraulic parts, otherwise it will cause personal injury.
Before the release of pressure, do not disassemble any hydraulic parts, otherwise it will cause personal injury.

The important thing 3 times!!!!!
About any of the steps necessary to release the pressure of hydraulic, consult the corresponding OEM information.


Be sure to use wood or cardboard to check for leaks.Spewed by liquid under pressure may penetrate the body’s tissues.Liquid penetration into the body can cause serious personal injury, and may even cause death.Even the size of a pinhole leak, may result in serious personal injury.If the oil injection into your skin, you must immediately treatment.

3:Dress up leakage of liquid

During the inspection, maintenance, test, adjustment and maintenance products, please be careful to ensure that pick up the oil.In open any accommodation or remove any contain oil the parts before, please use the appropriate container ready for collecting liquid.The disposal of all oil according to local regulations and requirement

4:Ultra-low sulphur diesel refill electrostatic hazard occurs

Remove the ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD fuel) and other sulfur compounds can reduce the conductivity of ULSD and improve the ability of ULSD static storage.Refineries may have been treated with antistatic additive fuel.With the passage of time, the various factors will reduce the effectiveness of the additives.Flow in fuel oil system, ULSD fuel will accumulate in the static charges.
When there are flammable vapor, electrostatic discharge may cause fire or explosion.Ensure that the machine of the oil supply system (fuel tank, fuel pumps, hoses, nozzles and other) of the grounding and connection methods are correct.Consult your fuel or fuel system suppliers, ensure proper grounding and oil system in conformity with the lap joint methods of oil supply standard.

5:The harm of the suction

Please be careful.Exhaust smoke may be harmful to health.If you operate the equipment in a closed area, it is necessary for proper ventilation.

From Perkins engine co., LTD., transport Perkins, equipment and replacement parts do not contain asbestos.Perkins, suggest only use the original Perkins replacement parts.When you work with any replacement parts containing asbestos or asbestos dust, please follow the following principles.


Please be careful.Avoid inhalation in the treatment of components containing asbestos fibers can produce powder.Inhalation of the dust may be hazardous to your health.May contain asbestos fiber parts include brake friction piece, and the brake pad material, clutch friction plate and gasket.Asbestos fibers in these parts, usually dip in resin or sealed in some way.Unless the asbestos dust float in the air, the general approach is harmless

If there are any dust that may contain asbestos, should follow the following guidelines:
Do not use compressed air to clean up.
Do not use compressed air to clean up.
By the wet method to clean up the asbestos material.
Also can use equipped with high efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) vacuum cleaner to clean up.
Long-term, when machining, using exhaust ventilation device.If there is no other way to control dust, should be put on the effective dust mask
Obey to the rules and regulations applicable to the work place.In the United States, shall comply with occupational safety and health administration (OSHA).The occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) requirements can be found in 29 CFR 1910.1001.
Disposal of asbestos waste, please comply with environmental regulations.
May have the place of asbestos particles from the air.

To adapt to the disposal of waste
Properly treated waste will pose a threat to the environment.Please follow the local laws and regulations to deal with there may be a hazard of the liquid.
Comes the leak container to discharge the liquid.Don’t waste dump on the ground, or any water in the drain.



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