Maintenance Method of Generator Set

Maintenance methods for generating units are divided into four levels:
Class A Detailed Maintenance Method
Daily Maintenance:
1. Check the daily work of diesel generating units.
2. Check diesel generator set: oil level, coolant level.
3. Daily inspection of diesel generating units without damage, leakage, belt relaxation or wear.
Weekly maintenance:
1. Repeat daily inspection of class A diesel generator set.
2. Check the air filter and clean or replace the air filter core.
3. Release water or sediment from fuel tank and fuel filter.
4. Check the water filter.
5. Check the starting battery.
6. Start the diesel generator set and check for any influence.
Class B Detailed Maintenance Method
1. Repeat daily and weekly inspections of Class A diesel generating units.
2. Replacement of diesel generator oil. (Oil replacement period is 250 hours or a month)
3. Replace oil filter. (Oil filter element replacement cycle is 250 hours or a month)
4. Replace the fuel filter element. (The replacement period is 250 hours or a month)
5. Replace the coolant or check the coolant. (Replacement period of water filter element is 250-300 hours, supplementary coolant DCA is added in cooling system)
6. Clean or replace the air filter. (Air filter replacement cycle is 500-600 hours
Class C Detailed Maintenance Method
1. Replace diesel oil filter, oil filter and water filter, and replace water and oil in water tank.
2. Adjust the tension of fan belt.
3. Check the supercharger.
4. Dismantling, inspecting and cleaning PT pumps and actuators.
5. Remove the rocker chamber cover and check the T-shaped pressure plate, valve conduit and intake and exhaust valves.
6. Adjust nozzle lift and valve clearance.
7. Check the charging generator.
8. Check the radiator of the water tank and clean the external radiator of the water tank.
9. Add tank treasure to the tank and clean the inside of the tank.
10) Inspection of diesel engine sensors and connecting wires.
11) Check the diesel engine dashboard.
Class D Detailed Maintenance Method
1. Replace oil, diesel oil, bypass, water filter, oil and engine circulating water.
2. Clean or replace the air filter.
3. Remove the rocker chamber cover, check the valve catheter and T-shaped pressure plate.
4. Check and adjust valve clearance.
5. Replace the upper and lower pads of rocker chamber.
6. Check the fan and bracket and adjust the belt.
7. Check the supercharger.
8. Check the electrical circuit of diesel generating set.
9. Check the excitation circuit of the motor.
10. Connecting lines in the measuring instrument box.
11. Check water tank and external cleaning.
12. Repair or replace the pump.
13. Disassemble and inspect the wear of the main bearing bush and connecting rod bush of a cylinder.
14. Check or adjust the working condition of electronic speed regulation.
15. Pressure grease injection at lubrication point of alignment diesel generator set.
16. Dust removal for excitation part of quasi-diesel generating set.
17. Check the axial and radial clearance of the supercharger, if it is out of tolerance, it should be timely.

Post time: Feb-27-2019
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