Construction of Diesel Generator Set

Diesel generator set is a kind of generator equipment with diesel as the main fuel. Diesel engine is used as the primary power to drive the generator (electric ball) to generate electricity, which converts kinetic energy into electric energy and thermal energy.
The whole set of generating units is mainly divided into three parts:
1. Diesel generator.
2. Generator (electric ball).
3. Controller.
Subdivide into: base, diesel engine, base oil tank, generator set (that is, balloon), controller (play the role of control, also play the role of protecting the unit), radiator (air-cooled: fan; water-cooled: water tank), mute box and other components. According to the different needs of different places, we divide the generators into fixed and movable trailers. In order to reduce the noise generated by the generators and reduce the impact on people’s work and life, we urge the designers to design the generators with silence boxes, that is, to install a metal box outside the generators and attach sound-absorbing materials inside, so as to put the generators around. Protected, the boxes are equipped with doors on both sides, so that people can easily overhaul and control the generators. Mute speaker not only greatly reduces the noise generated by the generator set, but also can be placed outdoors. The box is like a house, sunscreen, rain proof, so that people can save the trouble of not having room to do. Diesel generators are divided into common generators and standby generators, and the power is also divided into common power and standby power. The standard common power of each generator unit is usually 80% of the standby power. According to our different needs, we need to use the State Grid in peacetime. If the power is cut off, we need to use standby diesel generators. If we need to run for a long time, we need to choose common diesel generators. If we need to maintain them regularly, the running time of common diesel generators can be more than 300 days per year.
The relationship between common power and standby power is as follows: for example, the user needs 100 KW diesel generator set, and the standby power of 100 KW diesel generator set is 100 KW*80%=80 KW.
That is to say, the common power of the standby 80KW diesel generator set is 100KW. Despite its low power, diesel generators are widely used in mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, factories, enterprises, hospitals, hotels and other departments as standby or temporary power supply because of their small size, flexibility, portability, complete supporting facilities and easy operation and maintenance.

Post time: Feb-27-2019
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