42set perkins engine will be used in distributed small power stations abroad

Because the new virus, make it become extraordinarily long Spring Festival, seems everyone like footsteps pause button is pressed.But our staff service attitude have never pause, perkins power generation business colleagues in guarantee under the condition of health, through online office, remote mentoring cloud office, etc., for the best out in succession (Jinan)  Supply the 42 units with the engine.


all the perkins generator set will apply to Saudi Arabia distributed small power station

Distributed small power station will be – 2506 c E15TAG4 into products
As perkin 2500 series flagship product, 2506 c and sharing its sibling brother C15 products in highway trucks and heavy machinery on the experience, has the following features:
A 55% load, stable for 5 seconds
To adapt to the desert environment
The machine one year warranty unlimited
Used for 60 hz market



Air inlet:Embedded air filter
The fuel system:Governor has the functions such as adjustable speed to meet ISO8528-5 class G3 standards
Ecoplus fuel filter, with replaceable components and primary oil/water separator
Built-in oil cooler and filtration pipe jacking
The cooling system:
Circulating pump gear drive
Embedded belt drive fan
Equipped with air to air pressurization of the cooler radiator (supply)

Perkins engine in the world has thousands of hours of validation, reliable performance, is the first choice for power generation market engine.

Post time: Apr-15-2020
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