Perkins original piston much more attractive

1: all perkins piston are checked 47 items  before delivery to warehouse, to make sure that all the size precision and metallurgical control
2: perkins piston materials have excellent thermal expansion and thermal conductivity /
3: perkins aftermarket quality and installation quality are same, all have to meet the requirements of perkins engine.

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Perkins, unique design fully meet square piston combustion system and requirements
Pearl Jin Siao piston allows timing delay to deal with emission control
Perkin, 2800 system, the design of the articulated piston used to improve the piston durability in the using process
Perkins original piston can guarantee the products are used retry reducing groove wear and improve the heat load and enhance the pressure, to prevent early wear, provides the best interval,
Perkins original piston can prolong service life, reduced the likelihood of the piston cracking, reduce fuel consumption and noise.
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From the point of maintenance experience, can lead to the original factory parts machine failure at any time, after the machine downtime and maintenance cost is far greater than the loss that causes to pay factory bought a save costs.

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珀金斯方形活塞独特的设计充分 满足燃烧系统和要求


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