Liugong loadwers has been continue to win Philippines customers purchase order

A large internati onal mining company in the Philippines whose baought  a first CLG856H loader in 2018. from 2018 to now the equipment has been working 3548 hours and work long hours every day . The equipment has been used for work unitl now.  Apart from routine maintenance. it works staly and performs excellently.  it helped customer reducing maintenance and work cost.   In July of this year, the user placed another order  of the same type of machine, and was delivered in the middle of July. now the average working 18 hours a day, machine has been give user good behave.

856H loader


Another large company in the Philippines purchased a CLG856H, which was operated by two employees and working more than 16 hours a days,  until now machine has been working 5571 hours without any reppare.



Post time: Jul-29-2019
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