Characteristics of Diesel Generator Sets

Technical characteristics of diesel engine:
(1) The speed of the unit can only be 3000 when 50 Hz AC power is generated.
1500, 1000, 750, 500, 375, 300 rpm.
_Output voltage is 400/230V, frequency is 50Hz, PF = 0.8.
(3) The range of power variation is large: 0.5kW-10000kW, 12-1500kW is mobile power station and standby power supply.
_A speed regulating device is installed to keep the frequency stable.
High degree of automation: with self-starting, automatic loading, automatic alarm, automatic protection functions.
Main Electrical Performance Indicators of Diesel Generators:
(1) Setting range of no-load voltage: 95%-105% of Un
(2) Voltage changes in hot and cold states: +2%-5%
(3) Steady-state voltage regulation rate: +1-3%(load change)
(4) Steady-state frequency adjustment rate: (+0.5-3)%(ibid.)
_Voltage distortion rate: <10%
Voltage and Frequency Fluctuations: When Load is Invariant
_Allowable asymmetric load: <5%
Under the following conditions, the unit shall be able to output specified power (allowable correction power) and work reliably.
The altitude does not exceed 1000m.
Environmental temperature: the upper limit is 40 C and the lower limit is 4 C.
The monthly average maximum relative humidity of air relative humidity is 90% (25 C).
Note: The monthly mean minimum temperature is 25 C, and the monthly mean minimum temperature is the monthly mean of the daily minimum temperature in that month.

Post time: Feb-27-2019
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