A protracted war of Cummins parts

In June of this year, in order to purify the market environment and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, Cummins launched anti-counterfeiting actions in many places. let see what happened.

In the middle of the June, Cummins China has carried out anti-counterfeiting in the auto parts market in Xi’an and Taiyuan cities. This attack involves a total of 8 infringement targets. About 7,000 fake parts were seized on the site. The case value was nearly 50,000 usd, 3. advertising borad  of illegally using the Cummins trademark were removed. below is the photo from site



The amount of the infringement target of Shiyan is huge.

From June 25th to 26th, Cummins China and the Shiyan Market Supervision Administration attacked four major infringement targets in Bailang Auto Parts City. On the spot, a total 44775 fake/copy parts were seized, with a case value of 280 million dollars . beaucse of the huge amount of fraud involved; the two billboards suspected of illegally using the Cummins trademark have been dismantled.



On June 27, Cummins China received feedback from a third-party investigation company  that a large number of auto parts products, including the Fleetguard filter, at the Haishu International Logistics Center in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. 3000 pieces, are preparing to delivery to Xinjiang, and exported to Central Asia via the Xinjiang port.

In this regard, the Cummins anti-counterfeiting team convened an emergency meeting to discuss the strike plan. Considering that the difficulty of law enforcement will become higher after entering the port of Xinjiang, the anti-counterfeiting team decided to coordinate the local law enforcement agencies to intercept the transport vehicles.         On the evening of June 28, with the assistance of the Traffic Police Brigade of Turpan City and the Turpan City Market Supervision Administration, Cummins successfully intercepted the target truck at the Daheyan Toll Station in Turpan, and seized 12 boxes of counterfeit Fleetguard filters on site. (2,880 pcs), worth more than 300000 dollars.


Original  Cummins parts meet technical specifications, with dimensional standards, reliability and long service life. The counterfeit /fake/copy parts will have various problems such as non-standard size and cut-off workmanship. After use, your Cummins engine will have the following problems:

1 power output reduction

2 excessive emissions

3 fuel economy is reduced

4 increased engine oil consumption

5 reliability reduction

6 eventually leads to shortened engine life

Anti-counterfeiting is a protracted war. In the future, Cummins will continue to work closely with relevant departments to increase the investigation and punishment of counterfeit and shoddy parts, so that consumers can use pure Cummins parts and worry less.

Post time: Jul-26-2019
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